No Other God (note)

« There is no other God but God. »

Is it possible that this fundamental phrase of Islam, the primordial prayer of all practitioners, is the way that this tradition points to the here and now within ourselves ?

Is it also possible that the Buddha’s first teaching on consciousness, its central practice in Buddhism, be the expression, in this tradition, of the immediacy of God ?

Direct, non-conceptual, non-intellectual, Un-named beauty.

In Zen Buddhism, the steep zazen practice leads to God: that which is none other than God.
What stands before the jugular of the text.
The Spirit, Ruah, our breathing.

« You cannot serve two masters at the same time, » Jesus said.
Thus, the Muslim prayer/practice: ‘There is no God but Allah’, has basically nothing to do with a declaration of territorial ownership such as: “here is my place, I am right and you’re not, my God is stronger than yours”.

Likewise, in the Psalms and elsewhere in the Old Testament, the declarations of precedence of one God over another, in the warrior sense of the term, are to be revisited with such a cleared-up perspective.

A poverty of interpretation (or a zeal thereof) sometimes leads to such (mis)understanding, totally outside the deep meaning in the declaration of the practitioner.

Everything that is not That, the Here-And-Now, is not God.

Also, don’t get confused, don’t get lost.
Return to God, return to dwelling in the heart of your being.
The concepts that we just add to What Is are no longer What Is, and take us out of The Kingdom.

Our constructions around God no longer have anything to do with God. It is the other gods that take us away from God. These constructions are our ego activities: this is what silence teaches.

These teachings of silence weave the centers of the mystics into one heart.
This is revealed by the One Heart and woven into the centers of the mystics.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. This is then pure detachment / non involvement / requires a fully mature emotional system/
    Such people would be the ‘elected ones’…those who made themselves ‘eligible’

    Aimé par 2 personnes

  2. Are you suggesting that one can only be part of the elected ones provided he ignores his elected status ?
    Or, embarked on a new age spree, that there is no such thing as an ‘elected lot’ ?
    Or…that everyone is elected, eventually (which boils down to the same statement)

    Aimé par 1 personne

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