The Mountain Is The Mountain

By sitting Zazen,
I come back in neutral.
The point of the all-possible,
The point of waiting-nothing
At the Ku-Shiki border

Exactly where everything happens
And where nothing happens.
From this Life-Point, I hear The worlds
Calling each other out
And see flows regulate
Every particle of the universe
Goes back to its own place.

The mountain is the mountain.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

5 commentaires

    1. I guess neutral is an asymptote line.
      Our perceiving reality is  » as it is ».
      Maybe the best we can do is to be attentive to signs acting as sure indicators we’re moving closer to the ‘illusion’ side of the spectrum.
      What would such signs be, then ?

      Certainly this is not unrelated to your previous comment : Fear nothing, ….
      Whenever Fear shows up, we are being the victims of our illusory representations.
      I would be less assertive regarding the « hope for nothing » part…
      It may be necessary to make a difference between types of hope.

      The power of intention is real,
      as the reality feeling we have when immersed in illusions proves it.
      This power needs to be harnessed.

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  1. If someone ever claim enlightenment or says : ‘ I am a master …’,
    Run in the opposite direction.
    (I guess this is the meaning, or one of them, of the Zen lines :
    ‘If you meet the Buddha,
    Kill him’
    It doesn’t get any blunter than this does it ?

    the less obvious the signs, the bigger the misinterpretation rate.
    Sometimes, there’s nothing like a big fat old-fashioned sign…

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