Our Father

By reciting the Lord’s Prayer, its first line, as my inner eyes open, a few seconds before the opening of my physical eyelids.
On this step of consciousness, from which the door onto the day will open,
I hear the resonances calling each other, they slide, from one floor to the next and I understand what Jesus meant by saying “Our Father”…

Our Father, Our Origin, Our Source
In silence, I let myself be led to the Place

Our Father in heaven (our Inner Source)
Hallowed be Your Name (that they may know you)
Your Kingdom come, (realizing unity in their Being)
Your will be done (and may You guide their lives)
On earth as in heaven, (far beyond this existence)
Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us our sins
As we forgive who sin against us (may we live in harmony with the world)
And lead us not into temptation (On every moment, may we drink from this Source)
But deliver us from evil (and may we abide in this profound truth.)

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. Well, it’s an approach…

    I wonder regarding your theological outlook. A paternal deity? An immanent, or a transcendent deity? An idealised personification of one’s own spirit?

    I sent my soul through the invisible,
    some letter of that afterlife to spell,
    and, by and by, my soul returned to me,
    and whispered « I, myself, am heaven and hell ».

    [Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam, quoted from memory]

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  2. Spiritual outlooks are to be questioned
    Waking up this morning I had in mind the ‘pathless territory’ mentioned by Krishnamurti and many others when referring to the spiritual life.
    Any attempt at defining our own is necessarily an impoverishment.
    I also questioned the parallel which can be drawn between spiritual life and the maturing process of an individual.
    There is an obligation to make choices, as we grow up (partner, studies, job…)
    and every choice we make means we’ll have to cut ourselves off from actualising potentialities.
    The same process is observable in our way to approach spirituality, don’t you think ?
    The framework we choose slices out a chunk of the Truth and, while enabling our experience, reduces it.
    This is a contradiction I feel strongly.
    Both on the individual (maturing) process and the spiritual practice.
    This, is also the reason why I have chose the largest possible framework (at least, what appeared as such, to me) and am so vividly irritated, when I see people claiming to practice from this same framework though proving severe limitations in their perspectives.

    How is that related to your comment, precisely ?
    I don’t really know.

    I’ve always tried to widen scopes…To try to dig out the universal (shall I say, Catholic ?) truth behind every spiritual expression.

    In the Prayer above, I paid special attention to the energetic currents that rose in me as every line was uttered and decoded them with words.

    The narrative detour of dialogue and representation (devotional axis / dualism) does not differ from the realisation you quote from …this person, with ‘Rumish’ accents, whom I have never heard of …a Sufi, maybe ?

    Coming back to these undercurrents rising…I’d say there is something to be understood from the child position we may occupy when covering our inner life with the clothes of such prayer.
    There is more to it than the often mentioned infantilising aspect)
    The undercurrent of filial giving in to …carries a profound wisdom we’d be foolish to neglect.
    Maybe this was the reason why Jesus passed on this prayer to his disciples ?
    As a guide, a guardrail, to save them from straying away from the beating heart of practice ?

    I’m not sure this comment applies to this text which I wrote a while ago…
    but this does not really matter, does it ?

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  3. Shrewd suggestion.
    There are different ways to receive this.
    It may mean this universal truth is coming from within and can never be brought by an exogenous text, or talk.

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    1. Then it is likely our ‘universal’ truth are transitory platforms,
      both materialised in a different way but resulting from our inner call for Universality.

      (unless we’re doomed to remain in own self-produced corridors of hypo-realities…, which -let’s admit it — is far from a enlightening prospect.)

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