Here’s A Challenge

It is such a grace to have people willing to walk over us, despise us one way or another, so as to assert themselves as those they think they are /should be.
Such an opportunity to practice, the way it swirls over entrails, hearts, and minds, such a highlighting of how salient the need to conquer may be.
Such a challenge to love them.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

3 commentaires

  1. two facets…
    I’d say your assertion is offering them an opportunity to practice,
    Our absence of reaction would then act as a mirror to their own aggressiveness.
    After giving the post a second read…you’re right it does have an unbearable touch of miserabilism and pain enjoyment.
    It wasn’t the initial intention, but this is how it sounds.
    I’m thinking of Catholic mystics poems which I’m incapable of reading, as soon as they start singing in the key of pain.

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