The Through

There’s a life beyond this one,
More precisely, what the fingers of the different traditions are pointing to, is beyond the Beyond.
This latter refers above all to the afterlife,
Beyond this point in time which represents the death of the body.

Other traditions, or expanded understandings of those same traditions, speak of a fore-life.
From then on, this earthly existence comes to be included, like a parenthesis in the eyes of a larger whole.
The parenthesis thus outlined is of a temporal order, whether we consider the beyond in one way or another, we always come up against this temporal representation which is essential in each of these models, as the unavoidable architectural standard.

A linguistic detour allowing us to glimpse a representation other than that of the plateau (final marker) or the incise (beginning marker / end marker) will be to speak, not of The Beyond, but of ‘The Through’.

The Through injects a solution into the here, now, into the considered existence, in this commonly shared form and the property of this injection is to make our existence translucent.

We then see through it the multiple planes that it comes to fit into.
The limit of a conceptualization that comes up against the time factor is not relevant anymoe, since the superimpositions which occur between the different planes are such that this time factor becomes relatively insignificant.

Through it, life regains its full meaning. The fabric of his existence becomes a means of access. By The Through, we transport, on each moment, the markers of beginning and end.
Time is no longer so sadly linear. Each manifested form (person, plants, animals), each arrangement of manifested forms (interlacing of multiple lines, coordinates, dharmic positions), each conceptual situation, each unique conjuncture, becomes an opportunity to experience life in its deeper layers, to inhabit existence in all its strata…

Every moment, the forms taken by life (exterior, interior) become translucent and allow us to exist in all the depths of our true being.
Experiencing The Through reveals life as both the means and the end,
The clay and the pot.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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