Dazzling Haiku

The artificiality of a behavior is a convocation of the form by thinking of aggregating a substance. Sometimes, the coarseness of behavioral traits is such that it can only tend towards artificiality : such a coarse form cannot reflect any substance of truth.
Eminently simple, authenticity, truth, is also essentially subtle,
simple and subtle, a difficult balance for rare authenticity.

Simple, it is unaware of itself: it does not fall into a loop of nauseating self-contemplation, where actors of all stripes come to take refuge, including those for whom a life of theatrical performance has become the only possible mode of existence.
It is so difficult for them to contact the deeper strata of their subtle being (due to trauma, educational conditioning).

Authenticity necessarily is coiled in these strata, since it is fluidity in itself.
It has no need to waste energy in analysis and dissecting.
It cannot be grasped but suggests itself,
Ir recognizes itself in a flash.

Dazzling Haiku,
Front-end experience
A cup on the table.
A tree, a flower
A sound.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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