« What now ? I have things to do, you know… »

Some people are so deficient in gratitude from others,
They have a lack of appreciation so profound that they will tend to overplay the inconvenience following a solicitation, so as to artificially create the expression of a surplus of gratitude in the person who asked something from them.

Too often, plagued by fatigue or myopia in analysis, we tend to see the exasperation and ignore the deficiency in care.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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  1. This, however, bears further examination.
    Is not compassion unexpressed little more than a warm fuzzy feeling?
    Is not compassion expressed toward those who do not want it ironically selfish? Possibly, even, deleterious?
    Perhaps there is compassion in accepting acts of compassion.
    Perhaps the implements in the toolkit need some refinement.
    Just thinking out loud…

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    1. This is what i meant
      Maybe I wasn’t clear.
      Compassion, esp. when considering its etymological origin (suffer with) is not appropriate here.
      I need a word saying (be at peace with /emanate peace toward)
      I should ask an expert in Greek to come with a creative linguistic tool…

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