What Matters

What I do matters so much less than how I do it.
With all my might, with an exhausted heart, if I throw myself into the noblest of activities,
If I go through it front-end, brutally, without listening to what it has to teach me,
Who can this serve?
If the light step, the mindful movement, underlies the most trivial of actions,
through it, I will be able to hear what the wisest of the worlds will have to say.

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Sept 2022
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5 commentaires

    1. I thought about this recently, as a thought experiment,
      And remembered that any experience of experimenting with thoughts was a dead-end.

      Seriously : If mindfulness was indeed applied, there would be no act of cruelty possible.

      Any arising of cruelty reveals an absence of mindfulness.

      I don’t know about you, but I’m quite satisfied the answer I’m reading here above.
      Thank you for voicing the question that had expressed itself in my mind in a less articulated way.

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