One Thing And Its Opposite

I write this short article to say one thing and the opposite of this thing.
Without deciding, without trying to reconcile the two terms, without resolving the contradiction.

I write one thing and the opposite of this thing because Reality is broader than my grip to coherence.
If Reality was the size of my coherence, I would have died of boredom a long time ago.

The intensity of the practice is a function of the intensity of life experience.
The intensity of practice has nothing to do with the intensity of life experience.

The more my practice is extended, assiduous, the more existence reveals its depths
and if I start to move away from the practice, the quality of the experience of life is directly impacted.

People can touch the root of existence at any moment,
without this necessarily being the result of assiduity in the tradition of the practice of sitting.

Or practicing in the most sincere and dedicated way possible so as to reap the rewards in their daily lives. Some leads to sow these elements.

These are not universal and mutually exclusive rules: it is not because…., that….
The contexts are specific, changing the scale of apprehension of existence removes the feature of apparent irreconcilability (multiple existences).

©FJ September 2022
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