Free Your Zazen

My friends, this is what, without authority or legitimacy, I enjoin you, I invite you to do.
Free your Zazen,
Free yourself.

Your practice is under control.
Supervision is an upturned bell, today, on all of you.
Those zafus have withered. Get out.

And find a rock, a log, a mound.
Sit right there.
If you can’t find anything, Sit down here,
Here in the living room, on your knees.
And watch your practice expand in all directions
And come to life before your inner eyes.

It is totally different. It’s a completely different world.
You are then the cripple dropping his crutch.
When he realizes that he’s perfectly able to walk without it.

You are the hammer in front of the window pane, that kept the air, the spray, the freshness of sea winds from blowing in your face.

Nothing justified the protective measures if not the maintenance of a fake universe, a useless greenhouse where all of you have been smothering and thereby reinforced the status quo.

©FJ September 2022
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