Hereafter, Here.

There are times when the religions of the Book seem to me irreconcilable with the teaching of the Buddha,
The former call to seek salvation in order to be saved.
The Buddha insists on the experience of reality.

I have the feeling that whoever wants to be saved has nothing to do with reality.
And that the practitioner in search of the real does not aim for the salvation of his soul.

I would like to see in the texts, in my internal experience, that the salvation of the soul is nothing other than living in the real,
But the determining presence of the time factor in the search for salvation (“the beyond, the afterlife”) is not compatible with extreme immediacy and the experience of reality.

October 2022
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Many thanks to all

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    1. How very Buddhist of you, Simon…

      (If replaced « salvation »by « promotion » and « evangelical » by corporate…wouldn’t it just fit in the loveliest fashion?)

      Flocks will be flocks.

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