Touching The World

Seeing that things are not,
Owing to an intention,
Seeing rather that they are already gone,
their real absence, not just the illusion of their presence.

Their density is granted by our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skins, spirit.
Just behind the gates of eyes, eyes, nose, tongue, skin, mind,
Things appear as tangible and call us to relationship.

The relationship reinforces the illusion of reality.
In reality, things, beings have no density.
We are passing through them.
Beings, things, ourselves.

The anatta of Buddhism, emerges when the arrow of time disappears.
Beings, things, ourselves, are at the point of the arrow,
absent at each point of the arrow,
They are already absent.

The reality of the Buddha appears
when the arrow of time collects in a single point.

Disappear at this point,
And be free

©ndraw@protonmail.comOctober 2022
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2 commentaires

    1. What happens when you stop fueling the creating process ?
      My answer: words are necessarily left out of the place.
      BY nature, they. Cannot access it.
      How can words be used to transcribe what is?
      Does this mean we should not trust anyone using words to talk about reality?

      My answer: I trust non verbal teaching.
      (I stopped believing in verbal teaching.)

      I ve come to notice that realizing what is not is more fruitful than sticking to grasping ‘what is’.

      …though it is not a different approach, eventually.

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