Time Is Not An Issue

Zazen means seeing everything as it arises,
for what it is, even if it is just for a split second.

That is awakening.
The nature of the mind
Is the nature of the mind,
No matter how much time you see it.
Time is not an issue.

FranckOctober 2022
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    1. Hi Simon,

      If thing are as we perceive,
      We perceive thing as they are.

      It isn’t such big an issue as it sounds to, maybe.
      I’m a fierce advocate of radical subjectivity.
      But I call it Truth.
      How discomforting is that ?

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    1. When Truth hits, Truth hits
      Names are no longer of any use.

      As to perception prisms, they are moldable, foldable, breakable, changeable.
      Not a life sentence to monolithic subjectivity.

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  1. What makes you think anything changes?
    « … to us », in the context of « each », emphasises subjectivity in that my reality may be very different to yours. Any agreed objective perception is a delusion. Without that formulation, the words could be taken like two equations where P is perception, T is things an A is « as they are » and the two are taken as equivalent
    T=P, where T=AxP and P=TxA

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