Two Movements

Emptiness is a movement of hollowing out,
phenomena are a filling movement.
two directions,
two energies.

This is where the beginner’s mind is born.
essentially on the side of the void,
it flourishes and is maintained in the observation of these two movements.

Franck Nov 2022
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3 commentaires

  1. Emptiness… is it not, rather, the most fundamentally absolute viewpoint from which all can be perceived?

    Phenomena… are they not that which emptiness sees as illusory?

    Are these movements? Can the individual observe emptiness? Rather, does not the individual (seek to) become emptiness?

    Is any of this saying anything different to what you have written?

    Answers on the back of the proverbial fag packet…

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    1. Hello Simon,
      ‘Movement’ here, is used to refer to the non static perception of either of those.
      Per se, there is no such thing as ’emptiness’ and the degree of reality of phenomena is quite debatable.
      Therefore defining emptiness is impossible (also because emptiness is an absolute definition killer)
      Phenomena are also fluid : fixation so as to pin them down in a definition is a lost cause.

      I believe this is what I meant,
      But am not sure, and, as often, think your rephrasing is much more efficient than my phrasing’.

      As to the fag packet reference, I’m afraid I do not understand it.
      Maybe I’ve quit smoking for too long a time, now.
      What do packets say, these days ?


  2. « Answers on the back of a fag packet » is a slightly out of date idiom, meaning something like: « Only the briefest reply expected ». Usually used when there is no obvious, definitive likely response. There are other versions (on a postcard… on a postage stamp…)

    I have never smoked.

    Is not perception always « non static » in that it must survey?

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