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As there is an immune reserve, unevenly dispatched in one’s lifetime and among individuals,
Immune resources that we must maintain, there is a storehouse of consciousness.
How do we take care of it ?
How does it take care of us ?

Franck Nov 2022
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  1. I take « capital » to mean « stock » or « reserve ».
    I am unsure if you mean a reserve of immunity, that is distinct from, but interacts with, consciousness, or a reserve of consciousness that is immune from outside influence. Nor am is sure as to from what the immunity might be.
    Shortly, however, either way:
    1. If it is immune, why would it need care or maintenance?
    2. If it grants us immunity, how else could it help (or hinder) us?
    3. Why do you assume immunity is necessarily beneficial? Does it not depend on that from which we are immune?

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