A Data Rattle

The inversely proportional connection that I observe between, on the one hand, the taste for technological tools and, on the other hand, psychological immaturity is such that I wonder about the possibility of a voluntary keeping of the world population in childhood.

Surface contradiction : this observation emerges as the people drowned in technological tools are precisely those who have sustained a self image of seriousness, business with their nose to the data… while the rest of us peasants go about in search of an authentic relationship.

Franck Nov 2022
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  1. no disproportionate appeal for the digital beast, though.

    When I commented on the ironic feature of words used to refer to Reality,
    you advocated for the necessity principle.
    Why would it not apply here as well ?

    Working on my telepathy skills is the strategy.
    I’ll keep you updated when the process is effective.

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  2. I have not said that it does not apply. Indeed, I would heartily support it. I merely recognise that irony is part of the reality – and should be accepted with an equally ironic, if somewhat sardonic, smile.

    It also strikes me that I have difficulty in identifying a tool that is not technological. The nature of the technology is another matter. However, two tin cans and a length of string is a form of communication technology.

    I await your telepathic knock on the mental door with some interest.

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    1. it will come with no warning, when you least expect it.
      I’m watching, waiting for the right time.
      (Due to volatile weather conditions, Great Britain is last on the list of eligibility for telepathic communications –

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