Daily Spadework

Spiritual fields are gigantic,
You have to start clearing them somewhere.
Every movement can be a prayer,
I think of every move as a prayer,

Aligned, you let Beauty express itself,
Through you, almost in spite of you,
Silent, non-verbal,
Your body in motion
Speaks of Being

©FJ ndraw@protonmail.com Fev 2023
Participations -Pratique

4 commentaires

    1. One has to do something.
      Perceptions are all erroneous.
      Mine included.
      Still some perceptions are more clogged up than others,
      I guess.

      I’d vote for day and night sky contemplation,
      but since on has got to do something,
      I’d opt for conscious daily spadework.
      As suggested here : non attachment to these activity, and full commitment
      , however contradictory in its upper layers,
      turn them into prayer or meditation.

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    1. ‘One has to do something,’
      Says the one who really outdoes anyone at doing nothing.
      I challenge anyone to do nothing better than I do,
      On don’t do,..

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