The Music In Your Body

Making music actually means letting energies flow through you.

They therefore operate in ourselves the work, the resonance specific to their nature.

To a lesser extent, the same is true when listening to music.

In these cases, it is both a great responsibility, a discriminating capacity, upstream, a discernment which, according to its acuity, will reflect the level of wisdom of the one who lets himself be passed through in this way.

This responsibility is similar to that of the parent in charge of feeding his child. If the parent provides the table with junk food, chemical sweets and sodas, he sets up, by his lack of discernment and benevolence, the conditions for the appearance of a pathology in the adult in the making.

On the other hand, alongside this responsibility, this energy passing through feeds the musician, while nourishing others and as it resonates in himself, and represent a great opportunity for practice.

Music acts as a dye for our inner experiences.

It underlines them, draws them, intensifies them, turns them around, sculpts their reliefs.

This whole dance can be the subject of an observation, one of the same kind as what is being sharpened during silent sitting meditation.

From then on, the musician ceases to be the object (the puppet) of the music that passes through him.

Its modus operandi remains the same, but the influence is different.

The musician observes the narrative unfolding and the strata, the architectures, archetypal structures of the flows which he makes the bed.

He rejoices..and then returns to silence.

© Nov 2022
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  1. I used to have the same sort of practice with classical music : watching emotional wave from a distance as they swell and recede, not riding them.
    A « dry swimming » session.


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