« Unfit »

Unfit : unable to adapt
unable to adapt
or adaptable at excessive expense.

Most of the suffering experienced by the unfit person comes from frustration, or maladjustment to an environment.

Or, more discreet but more acute, a suffering of the misfit while feigning adaptation (solitude of the misfit)

In any case, most of the suffering disappears when adaptation ceases to be a desirable prospect.

The acceptance of the inadaptability to an environment requires a foundation in the depth of a situation: a faith in the functioning beyond the quest for adaptation.

It is no longer a question, therefore, of trying to gauge one’s degree of adaptation, of maladjustment with regard to what one thinks is the degree of adaptation of others.

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  1. Hee-hee.
    Strikes me that, at least in my universe, it has a lot to do with a sense of the ridiculous. I laugh at my oddity. Therefore, it does not worry me.
    Maybe there is a degree of arrogance as well. Declaring conformity irrelevant tends to be a clear assertion of one’s radical individuality. It would be rare for it to reflect an irrelevance of that individuality.

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