Morning View (…)

(continued from a comment initiated by a friend on Piercing the Monk’s Crust)

I think there is something to be learnt from the likeness of sounds between ‘heresy’ and ‘horizons’.
A move from the former to the latter.

Looking beyond,
then, beyond the beyond,

Heresy, if not transmuted into horizon becomes an aggregator for resentment and (counter-) identification.
Building up against a tradition is not different from sheep-like religious mimicry.
The for-or-against patterns are woven with the same threads.

This is what I mean when I say ‘Zen’.

The religion of Zen is foreign to me.
The heresy of Zen is the other side of that same coin,
The horizon of Zen is what I set my inner eyes on.

Zen as the last of the last dots behind the horizon.

gya tei gya tei

©FJ March 2023
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  1. Heresy is not a doctrine. It is not an automatic rejection of a concept because it has a particular source. Rather, it is a determination to choose for oneself. A refusal to bow to peer – or other – pressure. It is following one’s own path.

    That it can become a doctrine, and a form of religion of anti-religion, I agree. But then, it ceases to be heresy. It is no longer the personal choice in each given circumstance, but a framework of counter-cultural belief.

    I am uncertain if we are saying the same thing.

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