Sadness and Power

When the energy of life falls down the bottom of the vase,
When all passions,tired of being only copies of copies of copies, finally quiet,
All that remains is the vague sadness of past fields, future leaves and pale flowers,
Despite everything their host say, they’re already no more.

Only sadness remains
Sadness and the power to observe it.

© Dec 2022
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8 commentaires

    1. Oui, ‘sadness and thse power to observe it’
      L’observation éloigne la tristesse.
      Au point de ne plus s’en rappeler, parfois.

      Très bon dimanche à vous.

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  1. In regret, I see a form of harmful self denial. Not the seeking to go beyond self, but the refusal to accept what one has become – which equates to a refusal to stand on the springboard from which one may develop.
    I wrote about this a while back –


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