Two-Column Grid

The observation of the mind teaches that our mode of evolution within existence is eminently dual.
It is done via of one or other of these categories.
Apprehension / Alleviation
Sacrifice / Reward
Tension / Release

This is a sign of psychological dependence.

Immaturity does not lay in the presence of an unpleasant slope, it is in the radical categorization, the hermetic conceptual joint that we have facing the intersection of the two poles.
The horizon of evolution, of maturation opens when we know how to perceive the reward within the sacrifice.
Release within tension.

All that remains is the reality and the categorization.
The source of suffering has disappeared.

October 2022
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    1. I know so little about ancient Egypt.
      I’ll try and look into it…

      …Though I know now that most intellectual work is a magnet pulling me to the surfaces of my being,

      Or maybe I’m just going plain stupid.

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