Corridors of Consciousness

Meditation sets air circulation in motion through the corridors of consciousness.
Sometimes a colossal breath surges without warning from the other end of the corridor, corridors, networks of corridors,
It tears open all the doors in his path.

What produces this breath, what has the disciple done to deserve such energetic wildness ?
I really don’t know.
Other times, more often, the wind begins to stir with crossed legs and aligned shoulders, a few breezes, …

Other times, raw bursts.

The doors, the tens, the hundreds of doors begin to open ajar and the games of in-drafts, harmonizing in concert one and the other.
The probability of synchronous openings increases with hours of practice.
In this, to sit down more often is to put the odds on your side and that’s it.

Just sit down,
Look at the doors,
As they open and flap

For a moment, the wind will arrange them in such a way that they will all be ajar at the same time, letting a ray of light pass through from here to there.

The distant breath will itch at the forehead of the disciple.
And knock on the wood of the last door, open it, perhaps,
Who can really say ?

© Jan 2023
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