Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, in the end,
Zen is also often the object of a conceptual obsession, in the same way God is one for the believer.
It is one and the same phenomenon, labeled differently.

Defining Zen, without, limiting it and seeing ourselves inside out, outside in,
estimating what should be done to dwell more inside, to reside less outside, what is our degree of creativity, evaluating others, what are their rate of overlap with the representation of Zen: posture, clothing, talks, conceptual mastery.

For the second part of this article, just substitute ‘God’ for ‘Zen’,
It does not change anything.
The disciple, the believer is victim of the same spectrum of obsession, talks of identification.

Silence sets on the way,
Words take it away,
That may help.

The inner words : it is only below their crust that one can be struck with eternity.

On their side,
Do you see them?
Identification, positions, power games.
At the edge of the mountain,
Emptiness is unique.

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