The Heart Blown By The Explosion

In the same way as Nagarjuna, with a lot of humor said that there was really nothing more we could do for those who cling to the idea of an absence of reality of things…
(since this was part of a pedagogy of non-attachment),

There is not much more that can be done for those who see in the following sentence from the Koran (and so many other biblical passages) an invitation to fight, to the defense of psychological positions, identity, the enunciation of a territoriality of God.

Surah of the Cow:

Allah, there is no God but Him, the Living, the Eternal”

If the ears and the heart are not irrigated with the Breath, what good is it to read these books?
If we persist in hearing them as a warning, or the childish / egotistical affirmation of a precedence,
We manifest our impermeability with the echo of love, the splash of faith, the radiance of embrace which appears on him whose heart has been blown out.

Can we still pray for him, pray for ourselves ?
Because that one is often ourselves.

What, within us, is an energy of withdrawal, a spirit of territoriality.
Pray for God to warm the frail twigs of the heart
And make it rain on the plants of his pupils.

©FJ Fev 2023
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