Inaudible Tinnitus

I wonder if what we call ‘tinnitus’ is not the lower limit, the floor of the consciousness level that I had not yet encountered on the downward path.

Thus, it has not appeared and will not disappear.
It will stop being heard as it is now.

I saw it like a sound indicator, spread out in slowed-down as much as possible.

Like the time of trees hugging each other for decades,
like two humans hugging each other for a few seconds.

© March 2023
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3 commentaires

    1. Good morning, Simon
      8 am, here in Kyoto.

      I’m enjoying silence at the moment
      Hope to bring some back.
      In the form of a text, maybe
      Space and pauses
      A haiku?

      Or the precious impulse a split second before grabbing a pen,
      Watching it
      And not writing the text.

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