I Can’t Wait for Now

Earlier this afternoon, I have been saying to myself: « As soon as I’m done jogging, I’ll have a shower and then I’ll meditate ».
I must admit this is perfect evidence I do not understand the first thing about meditation.

The underlying contradiction beneath this inner projection in the future neutralises any possible positive outcome from the forthcoming meditation session.

If I were to rephrase the skeleton of this anticipation, I would say: « I can’t wait for later to enjoy now.
This assessment underlines my full incapacity to actually enjoy « now », be it now or later.We must confess there is no other « now » than now.  This is perfect transcendence in perfect immanence.
Any other statement is idle fancy, a cognitive trick or a skillful linguistic layout. If I can’t live « now » (now), I may not be living at all.


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