Don’t blame the phone if you can’t speak German when calling in Germany

The fact that everyone has been trying to unskillfully solve their relational troubles and personal issues through me in the past,  does not make me responsible for these problems. I have been tricked into believing that because they were allegedly doing this « for me « , they were acting because of me….  which means : had they not pretended to serve my interest,  none of this would have happened. it might be worth considering the question to know whether it is ever possible to have an objective answer when it comes to know what someone’s interest is: several visions are conflicting, each pretending to be right and subject to a person’s worldview. the  interest of the person they are pretending to serve is the continuity of this vision. I’m not even taking into account the possibility that the protagonists ‘position may be outright manipulative… let’s hope for the best and remain on the unconscious level: there are no bad people but only people who are clumsily and short-sightedly trying to be  good…
This erroneous understanding is the source of the overestimation of the role I think I might have to play today,: I’m torturing myself to find a solution when I’m not even part of the problem.

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