Thoughts reading is our innermost nature

Thoughts reading is possible :
All thoughts are energies circulating,
We’re all equipped with the gear capable of decoding and expressing these energies.
Therefore,  if we pick up on the energy, we’ll access the color and shape of the thought it developed into.

A hand,  any physical contact, concentration are possible media for energies.

We need to learn to trust our sensitivity.
We can also grow aware that we don’t ‘have ‘ thoughts.  We’re just calling our own expressions our own versions, of energies traveling everywhere and experienced by everyone.

This distorted belief has a strong power of isolation, alienating us from everyone else.
We live in an environment that insidiously taught us our thoughts were the shrine of our identity… that if we over-analyzed them hard enough, we would eventually reach the holy grail of differenciation.

This is certainly the most frustrating way of all.  It only sends us further into the dark woods of illusion.


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