Growing Emptiness

Inner space is acceptance, ability to welcome. If my bowl is full, every drop bursting out of life seems to be a flooding wave. If my bowl is empty, if it’s no longer a bowl but a pot, a tub, a pool, a lake, the ocean, the infinite universe, then I can no longer drown. Acceptance is not only about saying ‘yes’ to the strangers knocking. We need space for them to sleep, and time to listen to their journey. If my friend, my brother, my boss or my enemy slam the door on my face or build up seawalls as I talk…. There is one thing I should do before regretting the narrowness of their houses and bowls: I should start cultivating emptiness, growing my inner space, feeding my ‘yes’ with its fruits. However potentially damaging is my perception of a situation, the tuning tool is inner space. The tuning tool is inner space. I just need to widen this space so as to see the situation become less harmful, then neutral, even eventually enjoyable. I enlarge my perspective and smile at myself. Five minutes ago I was grumbling at the noise and the impossibility I faced to keep doing whatever kept me busy. As a dam of mood in a crystal clear stream Suddenly gives away To the soft pressure of water, For long, it had easily scratched In silence. Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ March 2016 If you wish to join our silent sitting meditation sessions follow this link Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations Many thanks to all of you…  

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