Random pebbles will surely get you lost

Words are elaborate versions of ‘this’ and ‘that’. They’re pointers to our partial representation of reality. These tools have been subjectively selected through the various histories of the language we use and of our families’ habits of favoring such a word in such a context. Words also appear to be the building blocks of our thoughts, colored with intertwined emotions. The property of those building blocks is to ever further build, to escalate and elaborate more and more complex (and biased) stories. It would surely be psychologically healthy to remember that, however seemingly appropriate they might sound, words always are nothing but a ‘this’ or a ‘that’,  ineffective shortcuts to an ever-elusive  destination … If we start thinking we have got reality nailed… it’s a reliable sign on the way helping us know we’re wrong and need to hit the road s Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ Sept 2016 If you wish to join our silent sitting meditation sessions follow this link Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations Many thanks to all of you… ome more. NiDr

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