Love and See

It is absolutely useless to strive to understand something.
There is no point in desperately trying to achieve anything.
What makes our inner or outer reality is enabled by our level of awareness.
There are vibrational thresholds we have to go through so as to activate elements in our lives.
Simply put, Things happen AS WE ARE.

Ruthless efforts can always force the apparition of love, success and the like. But if we are not ready, we surely won’t be able to enjoy such gifts, i. e, if what is generally considered as favourable manifestations is generated from a state of greed, frustration, or anger, we will obviously experience these conditions with the same state of mind that created them… and will therefore not be able to enjoy contentment.
Suffering begets suffering.

We have to evolve from a place of calm and self-acceptance.
This will automatically activate what we are worthy to receive.

I often notice after reading a book for the third time, I come across a key notion, so potentially life-changing I can’t understand why I have not been able to get it the first time.

Words were already there
In the same order.
But at the time I wasn’t.

Things happen when all elements are set.
In the background, planets gently align.
Not much we can do.
Too entangled to cleverly act upon.
Wait and see,
Breathe and see,
Love and see.


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