The Ego is Against

The ego is against
More or less everything
Opposing the world
To pose as a victim
On a quest for revenge
Or re-screening events
To pass off as a hero
Saving the day
The recipient of everyone’s admiration
And desire.
Spending all its energy to fuel
The reasons for asking
time and time again :
‘Who on earth does the whole earth think it is do be doing this to me?’
In one form or another.
Once a full range of experiences has been reviewed in such a way
And not a soul remains to fight up against,
This unquenchable thirst for battle
Ends up in the ego coming after itself.
‘this is all because of me if this and that is happening….
All these people causing me so much trouble have kept me from sleeping… they’ve turned and turned again in my head and now I have to blame someone else,  find a new target for my need to resent…let  it be my own self…’

Thus have I completed yet another full cycle of victim to hero to victim again.
But ‘this too shall pass’,
matters don’t last,
Neither do minds
Let alone thoughts.

Rest in the place of contemplation
Watching the deviant game of life
Gently appeasing,
Behind our all-knowing smile.
And defuse oppositions
Agreeing to whatever
Enemy in disguise shows up.
For underneath the fierce and savage rage aiming at us,
Lies a friend with a hand,
Helping along  the way.


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