A Sanctuary in the World.

I haven’t been uttering a single word in the last 3 hours. No doubt, everyone is satisfied. But after the first enjoyment of not having to bear with my everyday chatter, complaints or silly jokes…My surrounding starts looking irritated.

It actually starts like a game: « Hey, let’s shut up for the next three hours, just for fun, and see what happens ». Then it turns into a fine art: « Developing the subtle skill of shutting up rightly » And it ends as an obviousness: « There’s no such thing as shutting up, right? »

Not talking is actually not something that we should do. It is not another magical technique to apply that will automatically make us brand new. It is, simply, not talking. But it starts getting complicated when it comes to sustaining this NOT DOING, to keep not doing it.

We watch people, events and thoughts and feel irrepressible impulses to talk. It has dramatically stopped being a game by then.

What are these spurts of thought-energy which unexpectedly surface? Why do they keep projecting from ourselves to the world?

These outbursts do not add anything–but complications– to the situation we are living.

From then on, we are entering an area of turbulence, as we have identified an opportunity to start doubting ourselves: -« What if these casts of words serve no purpose at all ? Does this mean that we, as the source of these words are useless? » Thoughts get twice wilder and twirl in our skulls, forcing us to urgently speak…to release the tension without further ado.

 This too shall pass, 

The upcoming assaults will slowly fade away to become a calm and distant wave coming and going, as we move further from the shore.

The distance between ourselves and our most intimate cognitive activity opens onto the treasure room, where we can contemplate others as they speak. It has all the necessary space to welcome their words and hear them as an echo of our own inner swirls:

-Their staggering, hesitations, inconsistencies, fears of void, fears of disappearing is we stop talking…. -Their tendency to spread out all over, to criticize, to talk unskillfully, to absolutely want to leave a trace, to imprint their environment with a sound.. -Their crazy ability to get entangled in hundreds of useless interactions, that will have to be sorted out sooner or later, their reactions and counter reactions to everything and nothing, without any buffer whatsoever… -Their endless watering of thoughts which will grow into words and as many further occasions for conflicts, that would never have occurred had they kept their mouth shut in the first place…

And from this inner awareness will unfurl thousands of insights to be integrated along the way… Sometimes instantly, if we seriously lack peace of mind, sometimes over time if such is our belief.

As a conclusion, if we truly reach the knowledge that « there is no such thing as silence », we will see that:

-This hyper-connected world is but a lure, fake and exhausting; -The perspective gained through silence generates infinite calm, where nothing is comparable to the absence of words. -Learning to look within increases our availability, our real presence to the real world. We no longer need to inhabit a virtual universe painted with words. -We are more sensitive to meta-linguistic messages, beyond words and language.

Not talking is offering others the opportunity to face their noise. Not talking is entering the Land of Silence, and find solitude among people

A sanctuary in the world.

Let’s stop talking for the next three hours, and see what happens…

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ June 2017 If you wish to join our silent sitting meditation sessions follow this link Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations

Many thanks to all of you…

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