Mahayana Janitor

Mahayana offers space to breathe. Without breathing space, breath finally wears out. People eventually die in utter nonsense: this is some serious business. How sad is it that other–mainstream– traditions deny it, refuse space, at worst, or never got to grasp it, at best. And masses get locked up and starve behind old doors, whose only claimed virtue is to be old. This is plain stupidity, pretty much as limited a vision as claiming to have the best president because the guy happens to be young. Youth, in itself, is not a virtue. To some people, tradition is to be respected because the elders have passed it down from one generation to the next bla bla bla… So has syphilis. Shall we pay tribute to resistant and time-proven viruses? Don’t ask this question too loud, you may actually trigger a couple of lunatics to approve of such an arbitrary cult. It has nothing to do with blind respect and everything to do with taking the fingers out of the bloody plug… All the elements we are feeding on– news, environment, family, education, friends, hobbies… finally feed on us, leaving only one possibility: automatic mode functioning. If one but dares to open one’s eyes a tiny bit, openness shines out from the least significant speck of dust. How frightful must we feel to restrain to the shallow waters of every day security… In the universe, all answers finally show up. Sometimes it is better not to ask any question, for in this very inquisitive process, they circle a part of infinity and squeeze out an answer from it. Indecent requests straight out of sheer ignorance. When we are asked to keep quiet, more often than not, we miss the point. It lies in the difference with  ‘be quiet’, which can only be the result of ‘keeping quiet’. The janitor in Mahayana Mansion is watching, ensuring corridors don’t get packed with unnecessary stuff. Armed with the magical broomstick of consciousness he’s making sure the place doesn’t get crowded with nonsense brochures brought by the whirls of thoughts, regrets and projections and stands ready for a travel through the universe. The Mahayana janitor makes sure the doors remain open to prevent anything from rotting, out of conviction, ideas, flattery, resentment, fear or attraction. He’s a gentle guide in the ever elusive rooms of the universe unlimited property. Who wouldn’t want to be shown their way around? Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ July 2017 If you wish to join our silent sitting meditation sessions follow this link Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations Many thanks to all of you…

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