I am a Family

Of all this entanglement, this usual arrangement we call ‘the ego’, the most prominent aspect is the chatting mind, the inner conversation about everything and nothing.
It is rewriting previous perceptions, anticipating future scenarios, and commenting all that makes our life at the moment.
It is also the most visible form of the ego, showing its face during sitting meditations.

This chatting mind is the voice of the ego, the window through which we can best observe it.

Ruminations and pointless schemes are indeed an opportunity for us to realise the underlying mechanisms combining to shape the ego.

The ego can never be separated from ourselves. as long as it remains a constituing component, apart from what we are, the ego sustains as an inhibiting, pervasive and disharmonious background noise…

It manifests as something from which we must flee.
Then, it is precisely the force within ourselves trying to escape that is the ego.
And the ego can never escape the ego.

Just like the mind does not escape the mind.

We are a family. Not you and me, but you and yourself.

In fractal harmonics, it resonates in ourselves, as an inner version of our outer social units.

I am a family. In me, it is a family. The chatting mind can be considered as the youngest child of the tribe, unruly and undisciplined. Restlessly, he tries to draw the attention.
Can we try to move our awareness to the grandmother in ourselves, looking at the noisy child with tenderness, patience and compassion?

A divided family can never be at peace. Some of its members may be experiencing difficulties. If we are able to listen to them with the interest their stories deserve, the energy within the family will start running, making it whole again.

Let the grandmother smile to the endless tricks of the child she dearly loves.
Let the child mature.

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ 

©FJ Feb 2018 All Rights Reserved

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    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment.. Zen Buddhism is often called ‘The way of the grandmother’…this may be the reason why.


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