« Negotiate » ? (quick note)

Can you feel the fright rising as the slave looks up from the cotton field ?
What if the back office employee suddenly stopped staring at her screen ?
What if she were no longer satisfied with anaesthetic night TV programmes, with stuffing trolleys on wekkends ?

What if the latest Iphone stopped matching the slyline ?
Or worse : Imagine that, as he raises his eyes from the frantic bolts, the assembly line worker meets your stone-cold look ?

Should he be blamed if he ends up reflecting your stubborn despise, your obstination not to see him ?
Maybe he has known it all along, in which case his servility is the shape of his wisdom, for we know how he loathes to be you.

What should we think then when as he sees you clinging so hard to your expensive leather top executive chair, his lips start drawing a mysterious smile on his face ?


(Une version en français est disponible ici : Quelle Sortie ? (Note furtive))

©FJ Jan 2019
Les articles et méditations sont disponibles en version papier ici : RECUEILS

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