Freely spinning off from the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi (note)

The negation from the ‘I as a doer’  (Ramana Maharshi, as reported in David Godman’s Be as you are) is quite different from the negation of the ‘I’ as existing.
Ramana Maharshi is not denying the relative reality of the ‘I’.

Actually, this distinction seems to suggest that the ‘I’, though existing, does not do.
The ‘I’ is being done, therefore the question of its existence or non-existence, because it is a purely conditionned and non-powerful entity, is absolutely not worth asking.
This ‘I’ once pierced through, is not to be suppressed, as one can hear somtimes, or transformed in any way, as personal development approaches wouuld recommend…
It is to be seen as it is…
This process is somehow similar to the one consisting, on the way towards a rational decision, in  dismissing an argument for its non-relevance…

Franck Joseph

©FJ  March 2019

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