What’s left ? (A non-thought experience)

(inspired by Ramana Maharshi’s words, as collected by David Godman, in Be Who You Are)

All of the world’s experience that we have can be reduced to this : the 3 tenses dancing in us always boil down to this : just a thought.

The main teaching we receive through the practice of meditation can be stated as follows :

All thoughts are illusory,
We experience the wolrd through thoughts
Hence the non-existence of the world as we experience it.

All of our thoughts are merely serving one cause, which is sustaining the ego.
The cruelty of this is that it works with abolutely every thought, whatever its nature or content.
Brooding over our anxieties, planning for our near future, ideological positionning, functionnal decisions : the world they map has no reality other that the highly subjective inner experience we create in our own inner space.

Some of these thoughts have become so real to us that they almost feel as though we could touch them (fomal statuses, professional occupations : I am a lawyer, I am a salesperson…
We have been feeding each of them day in day out for decades.
Still, they are just thoughts colliding more or less harmoniously with other people’s thoughts.

Thus, any reality, however acute, desirable or painful is just a desperate attempt of the ego at justifying itelf as existing.

This is the thoughts experiment we bravely need to carry out.
But if all the thoughts-matter for the ego are illusions, the ego is as fictitious as the thoughts underpinning it

As thoughts and ego vanish with our mental reality, what is left then ?

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2019

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