Desert Sitting

It can mean going through the barren dryness and loneliness of meditation.
Knowing the desert through meditation.

The sun dries everything up.
The higher is stands it the sky, the more efficient.
Zen means Zenith.
Harsh and steep, it manifests our desert.

Pilgrims sometimes get lost and forget to walk towards…
Their legs become stiff as bamboo, their heart turns into stone.

Night and day, keep walking along the desert paths
without stopping under the shadow of the Ancients’ Rock — still, take a moment to rest
nor wandering in merchants’ tents — simply pass through
nor lingering in the oasis of books — gently drink from it though
And then go.

Later, turn around
and thank the desert.

Sitting in silence is the desert, the crossing and the exit of the desert
It is solitude, encounter and unity.


Franck Joseph

©FJ June 2019
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