Flower of Silence

« The good news…here it is…
Cherish it, hold it close to your heart,
and let it give shape to the smile of serenity.

I can bring this good news in an article, in a letter or in books written by others.

You can find it in other writers’ words, in front of which you will peacefully sit and join hands.
Have they heard it of seen it themselves, really ?
Does it even matter when it comes to this ?

What I am sharing with you today is totally worthless
and yet, nothing deserves more to be heard…

Without this stone, no building of wisdom can ever be raised.
With this transparent diamond, there is no teaching required. »

At this moment, he walked three steps forward and held her hands.
In the worldless seconds following, he pointed at the flower as it bloomed on the surface.
She could not tell whether his message spread down its roots to the core of her being or if his eyes were merely echoing the Flower of Silence.

« The joy does not lie in what you do. Eternal life is in the state of harmony ».


Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2019-

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