The Ritual Within

The true ritual is within us.

Ritual. At most, what we generally refer to as ‘rituals’ across different traditions act as a mirror, an occasion to contemplate the inner ritual.
But it remains a reflection, always incomplete, by nature.

Giving a disproportionate importance to rituals is as uninformed as believing the real world stands inside the mirror.
As it happens, we sometimes become so engrossed by these artefacts that we end up overlooking their status of practical tools. Some even forget the obvious :  our reality is on our side of the mirror.

Within. Inhabited breathing is the accomplishment of the only ritual there is.
Our body moving in presence through space is the only procession to follow.

Receiving — collecting our scattered crumbs and carry them to the sun of our inner altar. There is no other ritual.

By the way, there are no rituals.
There is only the life we find and the life we can’t see.
We seek it in vain, breaking mirrors, one after the other
Forgetting the essence of light itself


Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept 2019
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