« Meditation? …not for me. »

A french version is available here : « La méditation, c’est pas pour moi… »

Some people have this feeling that meditation is not for them : They say their mind runs crazy once they’re sitting on the cushion, creating a strong anxiety.

But here is the great news : the mind does not go wild during practice sessions.
It is not this action of sitting which creates such a psychological chaos.
The practice is the occasion to notice how wild the mind already is.

What should really be a more serious cause for anxiety is the fact that you don’t see it getting all electrified as you are not on the practice cushion.

This means the winds blowing on the village of thoughts are so violent they have sucked up every single inhabitant and sent them swirling in the tornado.
No one is left on the ground to say:

-‘Hey, it is seriously windy today….’

Imagine that : having reached such a high degree of mindlessness, of absence to oneself, that it has become impossible to notice this very absence.

In a similar way, the addiction gets all the more visible when the substance in question appears to be missing.

On the cushion, it is the lack of external stimulation which seems to unnerve the mind. It therefore comes up with its own set of personal stimuli…

Patches,  gums, licorice sticks, it uses everything it can, and all at the same time if possible….
The process of giving up smoking allows to feel our full breathing potential.
It has always been there, but we had decided to let ourselves be glued in the oil of cigarettes manufacturers.

The lack of external stimulation has allowed us to see the space out of which these stimuli all emerge.
This space has always been there. We discover that all these stimuli, all their personal expressions can never come to pollute that space.

Sitting in meditation,  weighed by the cushion, you can observe the tornado.

And, as you’re probably thinking : ‘Well, meditation is not for me..my mind runs wild and this is making  me all stressed out…’, what really happened is that you have just got to meet your  infinite freedom.

Unfortunately, you treat it as you would treat the most respectable spiritual master, dressed in rags and offering you a helpful hand to cross the market place….
« Well, market places are not for me, they are swirling with beggars ».

This is your own nature of mindful observer. and you’re missing it.
Fortunately, every sitting opportunity is a new round…
Every street corner,
Every life…

Franck Joseph

©FJ December 2019 

All rights reserved.

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