Lockdown : The Declutching Opportunity

Here is one of the unexpected effects of the current lockdown :
This is clearly against the tide of the news which keep highlighting the pressure this period exerts on the psychological conditions of individuals.

What effect am I referring to ?
The lockdown suddenly substracts the action of society from our family units.
This dysfunctional organism has stopped weighing the burden of its poor balance on our closest relatives.

The family is no more compelled to absord its compensatory violence.
It is all the more surprising that this lockdown period has been decided by this society.
In an unexpected surge of wisdom, this super-organism has signed its own medical prescription.

Now that it is relieved of external constraints, family members can start functionning again within their own ‘cell’

I’ve heard the IMF intends to name this period ‘The Big Lockdown’.
Apart from the fact we may seriously question this institution’s name-giving reflex  (when has ths IMF started to write the official versions in our history books ?), I really can’t subscribe to this  designation.

It does not reflect my experience.
Thus, I suggest we grab the tag of our retrospective representations and call this period ‘The Big Declutch’

It will remain in my memory as the moment when our social environment has ceased making its binding requirements weigh on the neck of the family unit.
Each member, once the initial dismay wears off, gets back to its normal shape, without having to let social templates interfere with their reality.

The declutch of regular schooling and its social games stop blurring family interactions.
The penetration of ideas and behaviors we supposedly are to make ours, is dramatically lessened.
Disconnected from the frentic reality which sustains them, TV and social networks lose their luster and fade out, smothering in their own hopeless material.

Relations among siblings come back to their natural balance.
The couple — both members — have stopped wearing the hat of their professional fonctions.
Should they overcome this initially destabilizing phase, they will regain access to the space of communication that was theirs ahead of all these artificial constructions.

If the couple has been built on artificial rocks of social representations (professional status…), the Big Declutch will be the occasion to enter a new level of relationship, much deeper, and start building a genuine sphere of interaction from there.

The family unit comes back into shape to become the organism is really is.
Parents and children can freely express who they are, unburdened by the usual networks of projections.

When society takes its weight off our necks, the effect is comparable to the one of human super organisms, once they no longer apply its harmful pressure on our natural environment.

In my eyes, the Big Declutch is the occasion for seriously slowing down.
This will allow us, in the short run, to jump out of the financial race car, and start walking again.

The perspective, here, is frankly positive… never naive. I know about personal psychological difficulties that will undoubtedly emerge once the vehicle stalls.
And I don’t fail to consider the concrete consequences of an economic collapse.

I look at all this with a firlmy positive eye. The potential of freshness lays in the declutch effect.
I’m inviting the readers to pay special attention to this great opportunity.

May they not throw themselves feverishly in the arms of a return to the abnormal once the lockdown period is over.
May the world that comes be designed from the transformations brought up by our return to interiority.

Franck Joseph

©FJ April 2020 – All rights reserved.

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