The Clouds of Intentions

It is dizzying to become aware of the share of our actions, speech and thoughts,
that is determined by the intentions we ascribe to others.

It is disarming to realize the intentions we ascribe to people are illusory…
These people are too busy ascribing illusory intentions to ourselves.

The clouds of intentions are toxic.
The more time we spend inside them, the darker they become
The darker they turn, the more poisonous they become
The more poisonous they get, the more unable we are to realize their toxicity.

Therefore, get out.
Decide to leave the clouds.

This may not be enough.

We will have to sit and breathe through these clouds of intention
until they scatter and dissolve.

Yet, we should not underestimate the blow of the Inner Laugh,
which will rise as we see these clouds for what they are

This may be enough.

Franck Joseph

©FJ April 2020 All rights reserved.

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