Call Me ‘Master’

Don’t make it such a big deal…please, make yourself comfortable and call me ‘Master’.
My mirror is just huge. Please take a sit, it would be such a shame if I were the only one to admire myself.

The public claim — or the secret thought — you have anything close to awakening / enlightenment / satori …is a sure indicator of the absence of anything related to the process of awakening.

At best, this may point to a slight jolt of preliminary stuttering on the way.
Indeed, a certain aspect of awakening will have come across the flow of consciousness of the individual calling himself awakened or hoping to be called ‘Master’.
We just need to hope these confused initial steps straighten out over time and evolve towards something resembling silence.

Thinking of oneself as being a ‘Master’ falls under the same functioning.

More certainly, such a person is proving their stagnation around the spheres or social positionning and identification.

Claiming to have the status of a Master, wishing to appear as such, is still reaching out to a status.

Since this sort of assertion belongs to the mechanisms of social positionning, its flourishing on social media does not come as a surprise.

Facebook and the like are the fields where people can hope to grow such a status.
As they ripen, these phenomena — shallow, projection-driven, restless and impulsive,
this flat-pack identity-building material, unfailingly lead to seeds of suffering.

Considering the scale of such a washout can be truly baffling.

Franck Joseph

©FJ July 2020 – All rights reserved.

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