Simplify Your Life Equation (1/2)

Simplify your life
Like you would simplify the terms of an equation
Until a few numbers remain
So you can understand them in a glance…

… In a glance, what are the terms of my life ?
These days, the equation of my life results in terms that are way too complex.

Simplification is yearning to emerge…Would we be able to simplify the terms of our life to a few sheets of metal, a couple of planks, some fabric here and there and a few cunning tricks ?

Property is a luxury for short-sighted people — they know nothing about the process of inevitable loss.
Accumulation is an occupation for long-sighted people who can’t see lava flowing between their homes and prefer to touch, feel and throw objects over their shoulders in bottomless sacks.

The wildest freedom is coiled in these few sheets of metal, pieces of fabric, planks and cunning arrangements.

Aren’t we dying to relieve ourselves of these daily investments of in house works, in savings for the old days, in strategizing to protect against potential attacks of long-sighted hyenas or short-sighted rats.

How can we let go of all this ?
By considering all these mental activities as deprived of interest, by walking out of all calculation and attempts to optimize, by observing the root of non-attachment.

By not considering them. Ceasing to produce what time keeps unfolding one way or another.
These two positions are actually one.
As age advances, I own less and less. This is the direction of wisdom.

Do you feel this ever-increasing feeling of stifling whenever you have to interact with people whose terms of life-equation are too sophisticated ?
This is a distressing, heavy experience of suffering…

..For them, trapped in their networks of representations of world phenomena.
For ourselves, trapped by them … at times.

(Read second part here : Simplify Your Life Equation (2/2)

Franck Joseph
©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved

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5 commentaires

    1. Unless faith is less a compensation by anticipation (pre) than a confirmation by intuition (post)…

      ..not a bet on the future but a smile-beyond Time.

      Whatever that means at the moment,
      I’m wishing you a very nice week end


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