Simplify Your Life Equation (2/2)

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Quick ! May these trouble-triggering material issues fall off….
They are ripe.
This house I’m going to have to leave anyway…How can it constitute such a dense mental block ?
Thoses meager savings I’m going to have to lose grip on anyway…Why do I have to keep such a close watch on them ? To hold on to them so tight ?

I am not this house
I am not this money.

By allowing this simplicity to irrigate the furrows of my life, I am getting free from the obligations of the timetable-slave I once were and sometimes still am.

I am working as much as required by my real needs.
I am Self-employed, working on spiritual practice.

The insight brought by such a freed-up wisdom (a truthful joy) definitely dries up the social cost a being dedicated to the path of simplicity has to pay.

Let’s consider what we call ‘our needs’
We believe them to be mandatory and non-negotiable…But once the pillars of identification start wobbling or instantly collapse, none of these needs can actually keep standing on its own.
They do not have any existence.

Social needs, as mundane or common and as they may sound (owning a house, going to school, saving for retirement…) are nothing but the shape-shifting expressions of our identification patterns.
They are supported by our fears, frustrations and projections.

Clearly, on this very day, I may as well leave everything.
Unschool the kids, live in a caravan, a yurt or whatever …

I am ready. Life’s about to engage.
By the way, life has engaged.

It is possible that nothing happens at all.
And yet, everything would have changed.

The lighting and perspective on the nature of those needs, on the reduction process they are to follow, allows us to contemplate the inner movement of freedom and joy.

Growing older, owning close to nothing.
This pattern is usually feared when applied to our personal future.
Still, it is the source of our alienation.
And there is no such thing as future alienation. It is always a phenomenon experienced in the present.

The anxiety over material insecurity, for today or tomorrow has been replaced with this wisdom : 

Knowing that material security leads to sadness.
It always digs the plexus hole a little deeper
And further feeds the fire of anxiety.

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved

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3 commentaires

  1. Franck. In a world where even evolved sages often speak with an eye on their own practical compromises with the material world – your attitude has the same integrity of Nisargadatta Maharaj, the same simple fearlessness. God bless you. What you say is simple and true, for those who are interested in such things

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. This is very kind of you, Ananda. Thank you very much. Obviously, I do not deserve such a comparison.
      The heart of Zen teachings and the heart of N. Maharaj ‘s are one. There hasn’t been a single page of NM where I couldn’t read Dogen’s unexpected and radical words : shinjin datsuraku. Leave the body-mind.

      I am truly lucky to have you as a reader of those posts. I am the one being taught by the echo you hear. No echo, no teaching.

      I wish you a very nice day, my friend.


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