The Heart of Disaster

This is why disease or tragedy, when they appear in someone’s life can — in a paradoxical and counterintuitive manner — turn out to be mightily liberating for the one going through this experience :

They put an end to the games of forgery : erroneous constructions (family / job / ideology-related : our philosophical elaborations)
Unfailingly, everything wobbles and crumbles down.

Along with this collapse, the suffering caused by our tenacious attempt at maintaining those structures draws away.

Like a replete stomach requests a full amount of energy to ensure digestive processes,
Our subtle bodies, stuffed with patterns of belief overflowing with behavioural habits, eat up all our energy, as they try to digest the various deceptions put in place in our systems to renew them or secure their continuity.

When these processes fade out,
The games of forgery subside,

Leaving the woman or the man
On the shore of reality.

At the heart of disaster,
The doors of truth finally open.

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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