The Eternal Soul and the Buddha

The Buddha does not eclipse nor does he deny the questions on the existence of a soul.
Through his silent answers, he reveals the scope of his wisdom.
He sees much further than people with positions to defend.

This is a teaching from the Mahayana, according to which gods themselves, amid their ‘eternity’ are not fully enlightened beings and therefore are bound to keep moving around the wheel of existence.

The real content of questions from people with positions on the soul deals with identity, and the proprieties of the soul we have.
The Buddha sees the essence of the soul we are.

While he can’t reject the speeches from the people asking him about the existence of a soul, mainly fueled by their urgent need for identity, he can’t agree to side with them, as things are.

For the soul, even if only as a support for desire, has a transitory existence.

It will take the beauty of a silent breakthrough to see that, as the question fades out, the answer emerges.

Franck Joseph

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